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Quebec City 2007

Executive meeting

Executive meeting

Executive meeting

Teik Ooi and Bassam Nassar at the Executive meeting

Louise Bourassa and Karine Blouin at Morrin Centre registration desk

Alex Lucas and Avrum Gotlieb at Morrin Centre

Garry Shen at the Morrin Centre

Nabeel Ghayur at the Morrin Centre Library

Garry Shen at the Trainee's workshop

Pierre Julien at Trainee's Workshop

Live music at the dinner

Annual dinner venue, the Chevalier House

Mark Hatton

More performances at the dinner

Staff at the Chevalier House in their traditional attire

Mark Hatton, Bassam Nassar and Amelie Gagne

Mark Hatton, Mary Richardson and Bassam Nassar

Janette and Mark Hatton - going back home......