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New Investigator Grant-in-Aid (NIGIA)

(cancelled until further notice)



The Society has established a CSATVB New Investigator Grants-in-Aid ($10,000) in order to promote the research of new scientists in the area of atherosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology. This grant is to be considered as seed money to help awardee attract new funding for their research programs, e.g., from industry, research institutes, and university departments and faculties. Application forms are available on this site (see details at the bottom of this page). The selection of recipients will be made by a CSATVB committee made up of the Chair of the Grant Committee and two colleagues (appointed by the Education Committee), who will rank the applications.

Previous New Investigator Grant-in-Aid (NIGIA) Award Winners


  • No Award Presented


  • Da-Wei Zhang, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta


  • Julie Robitaille, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec


  • Angela M. Devlin, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia


  • GarencC.jpg Christophe Garenc, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec


  • Xiao-Yan Wen, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario


  • Stewart Whitman, Stewart / University of Ottawa, Ontario


  • Sylvie Braschi, University of Ottawa, Ontario
  • Sean Moore Memorial Grant-in-Aid - Simone Lemieux, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec


  • Charles Couillard, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec
  • André Tchernof, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec
  • John Hill, St Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia


  • Marie-Claude Vohl, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec
  • Patrick Couture, Laval University, Quebec, Quebec