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CSATVB Conferences


October 25-28, 2008


Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)
South Building
255 Front Street West
Phone: 416- 585 8000

(See below for a map of Toronto and City of Toronto's official website)


Special Events in 2008:


1. 2nd CSATVB Trainee's Workshop:On 'Translational Research: From Bench to Bedside' at Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto, 8 am - 1 pm on Sunday, October 26th.

2. Annual CSATVB Dinner:At the C5 Restaurant, 5th floor Michael Lee Chin 'Crystal', Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 6 pm - 10 pm on Sunday, October 26th. 


This program has been made possible through funds made available by the following generous sponsors:

Platinum Level: Pfizer Canada Inc.

Silver Level: AstraZeneca Inc. & Merck Frosst Canada and Co.

Friend Level: Solvay Pharma Inc.


Photos from Toronto 2008

Mark Hatton, Andre Tchernof and Teik Ooi

Mark Hatton and Avrum Gotlieb

Piere Julien and Louise Bourassa

Nabeel Ghayur

Margaret Rand, Scott Heximer

George Liu

Executive and Council Members

Avrum Gotlieb and Murray Huff

Registration desk at the annual dinner

Hart House: venue for trainees' workshop

Murray Huff and Margaret Rand

Garry Shen at the workshop

Nabeel Ghayur at the workshop

Bruce McManus at the workshop

Nabeel Ghayur and other workshop attendees

Peter Liu at the workshop

Workshop: First panel discussion

The Hart House tour in progress

Hart House interior

Teik Ooi at the workshop

Karine Blouin at the workshop

Murray Huff at the workshop

Andre Tchernof presenting at the workshop

Workshop: second panel discussion

Jim Russell at the workshop

Students at the dinner

Music at the dinner by .......

Guests at the dinner

Michelle Bendeck at the dinner

George Liu and Garry Shen at the dinner

Students at the dinner

Students at the dinner

Students at the dinner

Guests at the dinner

Students at the dinner

Guests/students at the dinner

Students at the dinner

Bassam Nassar

Annual Dinner at C5 Restaurant

Mark Hatton presenting awards at the dinner

Alex Lucas presenting at the meeting

Christophe Garenc presenting at the meeting

Khosrow Adeli presenting at the meeting

Mahmood Hussain presenting at the meeting

M Majeski presenting at the meeting

Poster session

Poster session

Young Investigator Award recipient

Young Investigator Award recipient

Young Investigator Award recipient

Award for Scientific Excellence: André Marette

M. Daria Haust Research Award: Marie-Claude Vohl