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CSATVB AGM, Vancouver, Oct. 23, 2017 @ 7am



Date/Time: Monday, October 23 2017. 7:00-9:00 AM

Location: Malaspina Ballroom, Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, Vancouver BC

Preliminary Agenda:

  1. Call to Order and Approval of the Agenda-see attached (S. Proctor)
  2. Approval of the 2016 AGM Minutes-see attached (S. Proctor)
  3. Approval of President Report, Finance Report, Long Term Planning Report, Communication Report, Nominating Committee Report (S. Proctor)
  4. Approval of Treasurer Report (S. Lehoux)
  5. Approval of Education Report (A. Devlin)
  6. Approval of Trainee Advisory Committee Report (S. Proctor for G. Shen)
  7. Approval of Memership Coordinator Report (. Trigatti)
  8. Nominating Committee Report (S. Proctor)
    - CSATVB Members:  New Nominations etc
    - Directors:   New Nominations (Catherine Martel) and Renewals/Extensions (P. Bernatchez, A. Devlin, D. Granville, S. Lehoux, D. Ng, G. Pickering, S. Proctor, D. Welsh, G. Werstuck) 
    - Executive:  President (G. Werstuck), President-Elect (TBA), Past President (S. Proctor)
    - Committee Chairs:  Communication (TBA), Finance (G. Werstuck), Long-Term Planning (G. Werstuck), Nominating (G. Werstuck)
  9. Canada/China Symposium 2017 Report (S. Proctor for G. Shen)
  10. 2018 CSATVB Annual Meeting (S. Proctor)
  11. ISA 2018 Update (G. Hegele, S. Heximer)
  12. Any Other Business (S. Proctor)
  13. Next Meeting (S. Proctor)
  14. Adjournment (S. Proctor)



Please click here for the CSATVB AGM 2017 in Vancouver.