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Dear Canadian Lipid and Vascular Research Community,
Given current public health guidelines in British Columbia, we have decided to postpone the Whistler CLVS 2021 meeting to the fall of 2022. 
A truncated version of CLVS will be held this year and include the following virtual events:
Thursday, Oct 14 12:30-15:30 (pacific)/ 15:30-18:30 (eastern)
CIHR-ICRH sponsored Early Career Research Forum 
Friday, Oct 15 at 09:00 (pacific)/12:00 (eastern)
CIHR Distinguished Lecturer/CSATVB Scientific Excellence Award Lecture  (Dr Heyu Ni, University of Toronto)
Canadian Lipid and Vascular Summit Stewart Whitman New Investigator Award Lecture (Dr Maria Ioannou, University of Alberta)
CLC and CSATVB Executive/Business meetings will be held on Friday, Oct 15. Exact times to be confirmed.


Looking forward to seeing everyone on zoom in October!

Angela Devlin and Gordon Francis
Co-chairs, CLVS 2021/2022